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About Us

Burgreens is a manifestation of a conscious eating movement that believes that what we eat directly impacts our health, animal & farmers’ welfare, and environmental sustainability.

Burgreens was started very humbly in November 2013 by a young vegetarian couple – Max & Helga – who are passionate about making healthy, ethical, and sustainable lifestyle mainstream in their hometown; while testing a social enterprise model that marries positive social impact and financial sustainability.

What started as Jakarta’s first organic healthy plant-based eatery & catering – has now grown into a community-based social business connecting local farmers, a passionate team, and conscious customers.

Since the very beginning, our mission is to make healthy, ethical, and sustainable food as delicious, fun, convenient, and accessible as junk food - while empowering local farmers and women through a responsible supply chain!

Truly Healthy But Never Sacrifice The Taste


All of our menus are designed based on the nutritional understanding of the Alkaline Diet by Chef Max Mandias. All menus contain natural fibers, plant-based protein, complex carbs, and good fat in balance.


We pride ourselves in being transparent to our beloved customers. What you see on our ingredient list is what you eat.


Healthy food should be tasty! It’s the main principle at Burgreens Kitchen.


All of our menu are plant based for your better health, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability.


Most of our products are sugar free. When needed, we use small amount of lontar nectar, organic cane sugar or dates.


We opt for wholesome carbs such as vegetables, fruits, locally made gluten-free flour, whole-wheat flour, unbleached all purpose flour, brown rice, and red rice.


Our carefully chosen partners along with us make all the food from scratch to ensure that all your meals are free from MSG & chemical flavour enhancers, preservatives, colourings, and toxic food chemicals.


Palm oil is the main driver of deforestation in Indonesia that causes the extinction of orangutans and is also damaging to your health when heated. We only use coconut oil to sauté and fry, with the exception of our Cassava Aglio Olio that we make with cold-pressed olive oil.


90% of our menus are vegan, because dairy is biologically hard to digest and may cause indigestion or allergies to some people. When using dairy, we make sure we use the healthiest option - natural dairy made from grass-fed, antibiotic-free & hormone-free cows.


We only use small amount of local sea salt and liquid amino (healthiest version of soy sauce) to spice up our menu. The key to the great taste? Local herbs.


Even with all these restrictions, our products taste so yummy and umami!

Burgreens As A Sorical Enterprise

Delicious Healthy, Compassionate, and Environmentally Sustainable Meals

Research shows that a poor diet is the prime driver of chronic health issues such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Decreasing meat intake and shifting to a plant-based diet is known to be one of the four most impactful lifestyle changes that can reverse climate change. Therefore, Burgreens wants to provide healthy and environmentally sustainable meals made from organic and local plant-based ingredients.

Local Farmers Empowerment

We source most of our ingredients directly from smallholders, mid-sized farmers, and food artisans who apply sustainable farming and food production at a premium price. The farmers and food artisans we work with are more than just our suppliers – they are also family.

Underprivileged Women Empowerment

The lack of women in the workforce and leadership position also contributes to domestic violence and inequality in decision making at home. But when women earn money, they are more likely to spend it on children's education that will directly contribute to poverty alleviation.

We are always looking to investing in women by providing them with job opportunities, management trainings, and career progression at Burgreens. Currently, 50% of our production and operations team are women who mostly come from less advantaged background. We also strive to have 50% balance in our leadership team and investment board.

Healthy & Sustainable Living Education

We continuously organize fun educational events on healthy and sustainable living from movie screenings, farmers markets, to healthy cooking workshops – to help you kickstart a healthy and green lifestyle.